Cicely Northcote Trust

Speakability (Action for Dysphasic Adults)

“Rebuilding Communication in Southwark and Lambeth”

Photographs from the Speakability Project

“Before I came to Speakability I stayed at home and felt very lonely. I have new friends from the Group and my words are getting better.”

Waterloo Group Member - Ezekiel

Financial support from the Trustees of the Cicely Northcote Trust over two financial years has been used by Speakability to offer long-term, sustainable benefits to people with Aphasia and their families and carers.

Speakability Groups provide a safe, empathetic, and non-judgemental setting for people with Aphasia, where they can practice their communication skills, make new friends, and share their experiences.

The grant has been used to contribute to running costs to ensure support networks are nurtured and maintained.  An added bonus has been the opportunity to develop and pilot new initiatives in Lambeth and Southwark, including two self-help groups (one in Southwark, one in Lambeth), a Carers Workshop, publication of new information sheets on 'Communication and Dementia Care' and 'Primary Progressive Aphasia', and the development of an interactive support network for carers.

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